The C.M. Paula Company was founded in 1958 by Charles McCullough as a small greeting card supplier and evolved into a leading developer and marketer of greeting cards, stationery and novelty products. In January 2005, the company completed a strategic transition from a supplier of consumer products to a management company of multi-faceted marketing firms. The initial acquisitions included two companies with unique product offerings that were poised for growth.

Today, C.M. Paula is a privately held holding company pursuing an investment model to purchase, grow and, preferably, hold profitable business ventures. The company’s seasoned team manages a well-balanced portfolio with the precision and excellence that continues to bolster and strengthen our impeccable reputation. Our expertise, combined with our integrity, and family approach to investing, makes us a reputable partner to business owners, management teams and the financial community.

Our History

  • 2014

    14aboutus-img-largeOn January 31, 2014, C.M. Paula completed the acquisition of Remtec Automation, LLC. Remtec Automation, LLC delivers cost-effective robotic systems and integrated automation for robotic palletizing and depalletizing, robotic case packing, robotic picking, and robotic material handling applications. Founded in 1981, Remtec has installed over 500 robotic systems and has acquired a reputation as a leader among robotic system integrators.

  • 2012

    12On May 18, 2012, C.M. Paula completed the acquisition of Art Technologies, which represents a new venture into the manufacturing segment. Art Technologies, a 43 year Cincinnati based business enterprise, is a global supplier of thrust bearings and precision metal stamping components for the automotive, energy, aviation and appliance industries. The existing Art Technologies’ management team with decades of experience remains in place operating the business.  In 2016 Art Technologies became Art Metals Group.  

  • 2011

    11In June of 2011, the company acquired Pop Shots United Kingdom. PSUK is a distributor of greeting card and stationery products throughout the United Kingdom and all of Europe. This acquisition was initiated with the understanding that PSUK management would eventually purchase the company, which, in fact, was complete in December, 2011.

  • 2008

    08The company’s diversification strategy continued in 2008 with the acquisition of GeoCentral, a leading supplier of gift and novelty products in the geological, educational and souvenir markets. Founded in 1980, GeoCentral has established a market leadership position and strong reputation for developing innovative and educational products featuring rocks, fossils and other geological artifacts. The company’s branded and custom products are available in thousands of museums, souvenir shops and other specialty retailers nationwide and internationally.

  • 2006

    06The company furthered its strategy in 2006 with the acquisition of Slavic Treasure, a developer and distributor of ornaments, novelties and sports licensed products. Slavic’s sports lines were added to Champion’s offerings, forming a new entity called Champion Treasures offering a broad range of gift and novelty products within the sports licensing market.

  • 2005

    05In April, 2005, the company acquired Up With Paper, the world’s leading marketer of pop-up greeting cards and dimensional stationery products. Up With Paper is one of the fastest growing greeting card companies and recognized world-wide as a leader in development and marketing of pop-up greeting cards and stationery.

  • 2005

    05The Company first acquired Champion Sales & Marketing, a leading designer and distributor of innovative licensed sports products. Champion’s line features products from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, NCAA and other popular sports licenses sold in over 4000 retail outlets.

  • 1958

    58cmpaula-img-largeThe C.M. Paula Company was founded in 1958 as a small greeting card supplier and evolved into a leading developer and marketer of greeting cards, stationery and novelty products.

  • In December, 2012, C.M. Paula management decided to divest of its holdings in Champion Treasures selling much of this company’s assets to a competitor. This move allows C.M. Paula to focus on other more appropriate and strategic investments In the future, C.M. Paula will continue to leverage its financial capacity, as well as its expertise in management, international procurement, marketing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics that will propel its “family of companies” on a profitable growth path.

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Acquisition Traits

C.M. Paula has developed a series of criteria that should be present for companies to be considered for acquisition. Acquisition candidates are companies with the following preferred attributes:

Past performance

    • 15+ years in business
    • Stable revenue with positive monthly cash flow…avoids high seasonality
    • Diversified customer base

Current position

    • Domestic entity within 150 miles of Cincinnati
    • Managed and operated by an experienced, professional executive team
    • Leadership position within market niches
    • Maximizes return on investment of existing core competencies and assets
    • Minimum revenue…$5 million to $10 million (Minimum revenue may be less if the acquisition is an add-on to one of our existing companies

Opportunity for growth

  • Business plan that generates 8% – 10% annual profit growth via organic and external business initiatives
  • Gross margins exceeding 25% for industrial Manufacturing & Distribution and 50% for consumer products
  • Asset purchase with some seller financing
  • Manufacturing and consumer product interest particularly with experience in domestic and international marketing and distribution

While open to opportunities wherever they can be found, C.M. Paula is currently not interested in acquiring the following types of companies:

• No retail or food
• Not a turnaround
• Not a start up