GEO Central

In 2008, C.M. Paula acquired GeoCentral, a leading supplier of novelty gift items, natural home décor, and educational products. Since its founding in 1978, GeoCentral has embodied nature’s beauty and bounty by featuring an assortment of fine stones, seashells, and fossils from around the world. Through it all, their commitment to celebrating nature and unearthing rare, exquisite goods is at the foundation of what they do.

Currently featuring one-of-a-kind crystals and stones, holistic crystal sets, gifts, distinctive home décor, jewelry, and children’s enrichment items, GeoCentral’s collections inspire awe and elevate the everyday. They specialize in offering feel-good items that leave both retailers and customers feeling uplifted.

In 2019, GeoCentral launched Shoppe Geo, a lifestyle brand focusing on holistic well-being, home décor, and gifts infused with positivity. This direct-to-consumer line is tailored to people who share a fondness and love for the Earth’s natural luxuries, presented with a chic and sophisticated aesthetic.

GeoCentral • 6049 Hi-Tek Ct. • Mason, OH 45040